‘Downton Abbey’ season 4, episode 2 preview: Laura Carmichael and Edith’s progression

Take a look -How far will someone go for love? This is something that is going to be a central theme of at least one “Downton Abbey” season 4 storyline between a pair of characters that have been lovebirds since the Christmas special: Lady Edith and Mr. Gregson. There is no question that they care about each other, and they want to be together; but since this is a complicated romance, there’s another hurdle in the way. In order for them to be together properly, it would require a serious relocation all the way to Germany.

Are these two going to be willing to make that move? This will serve as the major question over the coming weeks, but in this photo from Sunday night’s new episode, the two do still appear to be smitten with one another. When it comes to tests for the couple that come out of a possible move, there are quite a few to think about:

1. How will the Downton residents feel about Edith moving to a country that was an enemy during World War I, especially after Robert already lost a daughter in Sybil?

2. How will Edith and Gregson sustain a life for themselves in this country, and deal with not having their loved ones around with the same sort of regularity?

3. Will their relationship simply stand strong against all of the negativity that is sure to come at them with Gregson being a married man? This is something that is going to be exceptionally hard for her to deal with.

Do you think that we are going to see some happy times head for Edith and Gregson? Be sure to share your theories below! Meanwhile, click here for more photo previews focusing on Lady Mary, and we also have a video on a similar subject.

Photo: ITV

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