‘New Girl’ season 3 spoilers: Why Damon Wayans Jr.’s appearance may have an end date

More news -There have been even more reasons as of late for “New Girl” fans to celebrate than usual. Not only has the cast been able to start off season 3 strong with a pair of pretty great episodes, but they are getting set very soon to feature an appearance from someone who is familiar to anyone who saw the pilot two years ago: Damon Wayans Jr. as Coach. Viewers seemed to respond favorably to the angry, bizarre, and at-times-incapable fitness guru who needed to learn a thing or two about being sensitive. However, the role disappeared and was replaced with Winston when “Happy Endings” was renewed.

So now that “Happy Endings” is over (sad as that may be), we are going to see Coach back … but this move may not be permanent. Sources confirm that the actor, alongside “Modern Family” co-executive producer Jason Winer and “Wilfred” co-showrunners¬†Reed Agnew and Eli Jorne, is going to have a chance to land a project at Fox in “Man/Child.”

The premise here is hardly revolutionary to what is being pitched and put on TV right now: A pair of single dads living together, and struggling to be there for their kids while realizing that there are ways in which they need to grow up as well. Yes, the show already has something that is at least moderately similar to this in “Dads” (except that the main characters there have obnoxious fathers), but Wayans is a talent and “Wilfred” is a good show, therefore, we’ll at least be hopeful that this could be good. The one good move is that Wayans being on Fox alongside “New Girl” would probably allow him more chances to cross over and be Coach again in the future.

What do you think about Wayans getting himself another show so soon after the end of “Happy Endings,” and are you hoping that Coach sticks around “New Girl” even if this show gets picked up? If you want to read more news related to the show, click here to read our most-recent episode review.

Photo: Fox

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