‘Masters of Sex’ episode 1 preview: Watch a scene between Michael Sheen, Lizzy Kaplan

Masters of Sex -Is it fair to say that expectations are high for Showtime’s “Masters of Sex”? Definitely. This is one of the best-reviewed new series of the fall season, and having watched the pilot already, we can confirm that the hype here is definitely justified. It’s an sharply-written, visual take on Dr. William Masters, who was one of the pioneers in the field of sex research. He was thought of as lewd and disgusting in his time for taking on something that many were too conservative to even discuss, let alone research; however, it is clear that perceptions have changed on the subject since that time.

With all of this being said, it will be smart to temper expectations for the show’s ratings. While the quality here may be high, the subject matter will probably keep away some. We live in a strange world where we are more comfortable talking about serial killers than sexuality, and we can imagine some finding the pacing and tone of the show to be somewhat slow and dry. It is going to be a slow build similar to “Mad Men,” but it should gain attention throughout the season more so than Ray Donovan did this past summer.

What we are personally the most curious about is the question of fiction vs. reality. With a show like “Mad Men,” you are telling a story set in a particular time, but with fictional people. Here, meanwhile, you are telling a real story with characters based on real people. That is not exactly a standard for creative freedom. How much can you take away from one man’s life for this show, and have it stay exciting? We suppose we are about to find out.

The sneak peek video below focuses on Masters (Michael Sheen) speaking with Virginia Johnson (Lizzy Kaplan), a secretary and former singer who is going to play a key role in his study and in his life. The chemistry between these two is riveting, and you learn through this that while Masters may be a genius in many ways, he is both ignorant and prudent when it comes to the female mind. Is it a product of his times, or of his work?

If you still want to check out the “Masters of Sex” pilot, just click here; however, be sure to do so soon before Showtime’s promotion ends.

Photo: Showtime

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