‘Survivor: Blood vs. Water’ preview: Is Colton Cumbie really going to quit?

He's back -We don’t think we’re talking crazy here when we say that there are a certain number of people out there who tuned into “Survivor: Blood vs. Water” this year in hopes to see Colton Cumbie fail. Did the guy have a good mind strategically during his time on “One World”? Sure, but he completely canceled that out by just being a terrible person and saying offensive things in the confessional room.

Well, we were promised a “new” Colton this year … and instead we’re getting the same nasty character minus the offensive comments. This is the thing about this game: Your real personality is going to come out at some point. Just being in these elements long enough is going to do that to you. We know that Colton is a huge fan of the game, so to see him do something as awful as quit in the preview below is pretty astounding. We know that there are some people out there who cheer at the thought, but if we are going to see Colton go, we’d much rather see him be voted out.

Quitting is one of the most-annoying things that we can ever see a contestant do. We know that the game is a million times harder than it looks on TV, and we’re not going to sit here and say that we would go out there and be super-tough in these elements. But, you gotta think that there are thousands of people who auditioned out there throwing popcorn at their TV when they see something like this, knowing that they tried so hard to get on the show only to not make it, and one of the guys who did (and was brought back) is a quitter. Who knows? Maybe the promo below is meant to be a tease to get us think that he is quitting, only for him not to.

The only thing that we will say about what may be making Colton uneasy to be in the game? That he probably realizes in his heart that this isn’t “One World” anymore, and these people are planning to get rid of him soon.

Also, you have another tease here suggesting that Tyson Apostol could take part in a duel at Redemption Island instead of his girlfriend Rachel Foulger. Smart move? In theory, sure; but, we think most people campaigning for him to go there, knowing that he is a challenge beast, are forgetting that they are not going to ask Tyson to run or swim in these “trials.” They are more puzzle-centered or endurance, which can actually favor someone like Rachel. He’s better to keep his position in the game since he has a good alliance, and could just win out with immunities after the merge.

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Photo: CBS

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