Jimmy Kimmel explains full story of new Kanye West feud; Sarah Silverman responds to jab

Jimmy Kimmel -You knew that Jimmy Kimmel was going to try and have a little bit of fun with this new-found feud that he has himself in with Kanye West. After all, when was the last time that the late-night host had himself this public a situation going on in the media for all to see?

Earlier this evening, we gave you a full summary of all of the insanity that unfolded, which basically was a result of Kimmel making a mockery out of Kanye’s BBC Radio 1 interview by reenacting it with children. This was something that greatly offended the rapper, and Jimmy explains in the video from the show that before the epic Twitter rant began on Kanye’s part, he actually called Kimmel and more or less demanded an apology. The other alternative? Basically, that he was going to shame him in every way that he could.

Well, Kimmel stood by everything that he did on the show, and then went on to read all of the tweets that Kanye shared online; heck, he even posted the one that referenced his ex-girlfriend Sarah Silverman being funnier than him. It’s somewhat surprising first of all that this relationship is still news, given that Jimmy is actually married to another woman.

Silverman also responded to all of the craziness in a post on Twitter, choosing of course to go the humorous route while at the same time actually saying something nice about both parties:

“Look, @Kanyewest is brilliant & @JimmyKimmel is hilarious. I’m certainly NOT 1000 x funnier. I’d say 5 x funnier AT BEST”

Basically, Sarah just wants to stay out of it to the best of her ability, which we certainly cannot blame her for since Kanye can get intense online. As for Jimmy, she knows him well enough to know that mocking him has no impact at all.

Photo: ABC

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