‘Downton Abbey’ season 4, episode 2 preview: Why is Michelle Dockery’s Mary so upset?

Take a look -On Sunday night’s “Downton Abbey” season 4 episode, the fists are going to fly … literally. There is going to be an actual fight of sorts that takes place during a night out on the town, but the photo attached here has nothing to do with it. (We’ll have more on the fight in the coming days.)

Instead, what we are here to talk about is the new photo posted here showing Michelle Dockery’s character of Mary, looking either attentive, concerned, or quite possibly a masterful combination of the two. So what is going on here? The simple answer is that her interest is piqued by the situation at the Abbey … but there are some more obstacles that she is going to be facing pretty soon.

Specifically, what we are talking about here is a letter written by Matthew that is going to surface pretty early on during this episode. The contents behind this are currently unclear, but just imagine this: You are just getting over the loss of someone that you love, so is the last thing that you are really going to want to see is something as dramatic as this. It may bring back old memories, or even worse start to change the opinions of the man that you once loved. That’s a dangerous position for someone to be in like Mary, when you consider the extremely-fragile emotional state that she is currently in.

Eventually, we do know that Mary will get into a place where she could at least consider romance again. There are some suitors arriving at some point this season, with the most-buzzed-about one being Tom Cullen’s Lord Anthony Gillingham. Once we do have more to share about this subject, we will be sharing it with you here at Cartermatt.

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Photo: ITV

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