‘Breaking Bad’ season 5, episode 16: Series finale hype via Bryan Cranston, fun via creator

What's next -For anyone who is a massive fan of “Breaking Bad,” know this: In the matter now of just a few short days, the beloved AMC series is going to be at an end. This means no more opportunities to watch Walt “cook,” get himself in trouble, or to see Aaron Paul swear. Everything is going to culminate in the 75-minute finale on Sunday, where we will hopefully get answers to all questions and then some.

Here’s an interesting comparison to make now. While most of the “Dexter” stars were saying leading up to the finale that not everyone was probably going to like the ending (and boy were they ever right), you then have this quote from Bryan Cranston (via E! News) that is basically hype topped with even more hype:

“[Breaking Bad fans] should expect that we will be very protective of our show and it’s going to end in a very Breaking Bad manner, unapologetically. It’s going to be satisfying to all the fans.” 

Do you hear that? “All fans,” and not just a few. The man is making big statements, and we actually believe that the show will live up to them given that it has only gotten stronger as we near the grand finale. It’s definitely not often that you can say that about a show.

We’re going to close here with a bit of fun via show creator Vince Gilligan, who “teased” in a new interview on “Conan” just what he is going to be doing following the end of the show. What is it? Let’s just say that it is bizarre, hilarious, and Vince has a great sense of humor. This is also what happens when you make a really good show: You become a rock star even without appearing on camera.

If you cannot get enough “Breaking Bad,” we certainly understand. Click here if you want to see our latest edition of “Breaking Down Breaking Bad,” where we go in-depth about the scene featuring Walt in the cabin.

Photo: AMC

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