ABC’s ‘Revenge’ season 3 spoilers: ‘Devious Maids’ actress to do PR work

Revenge -When you are a member of the Grayson family, then it should really go without saying that you are definitely in need of some public relations. You’ve been accused of terrible things, have a trail of corruption that even the Oregon Trail feels intimidated by, and there is a reason why so many people are out to enact vengeance on you.

Now that Conrad is in politics, it is pretty clear that things are going to get even worse. Therefore, why not bring in someone to do cleanup duty? Sources confirm that “Devious Maids” star Ana Ortiz will be filming an episode of “Revenge” during her hiatus from the Lifetime hit to play the part of Bizzy Preston, a woman tasked with the challenge of trying to improve the Grayson family’s standing. As of right now, the gig is only going to be for a single episode.

“Revenge” will start off with Conrad Grayson in power, as he embraces his new position of the man responsible for really fixing things up for the state of New York. Meanwhile, Victoria will be taking on a very different sort of relationship, and she is in the process of getting to know Patrick, her secret son who she never spent any time with so many decades ago. The relationship between these two is said (at least for now) to be very strange.

So where does Emily Thorne fit in with all of this? The simple answer is that she is going to be back once again in hopes to enact vengeance, and she will be trying to act in a way that she never has before. Eventually, her actions lead to the wedding that we saw in the premiere … and that is where we come to an end for now.

Take a look here to read more about what is going to be coming up for Conrad, in particular with an episode entitled “Confessions” that will be the third of this season.

Photo: ABC

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