‘Homeland’ season 3 premiere spoilers: The state of Jess Brody

What's next? -Before it was confirmed that she was going to be back on “Homeland” season 3, there were of course a ton of questions surrounding Morena Baccarin’s Jessica Brody. What sort of role would she even play? If the show wanted to distance itself from the Brody family, it would have been easy to do so, saying that Nicholas was the only one that mattered now, and to have Carrie and Saul focus on some different threats.

However, they instead decided to keep the family involved in a significant manner, and you are going to see quite a bit of Jess in the season 3 premiere. While there are certain characters from season 2 who are not present in the premiere, you will see her struggle with two children that are trying to recover from having the news out there that their father is an accused terrorist. One of them seems to be handling it rather well, while the other is on the brink. The dichotomy between the Brody children has always been one of the stranger parts of the show, and it makes you wonder why one of them is even there.

What we will say about the premiere is that Jess is going to have someone new around to potentially help her out through this dark time, and despite this person being well-intentioned, they could be a source of stress. She also has to figure out another interesting issue that should be obvious when you think about the fact that there are still bills to pay, and her husband is not going to be around to help anymore.

We’re going to have some more “Homeland” scoop pretty soon, so stay tuned for more on that. Meanwhile, click here if you do want to check out another story about Carrie, Saul, and the loyalty between the two that will be tested this season.

Photo: Showtime

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