‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 10, episode 1 preview: The Callie – Arizona storm begins

What's next? -Is it fair to say that the “Grey’s Anatomy” premiere is going to be messy? You better believe it. Based on the latest sneak peek below released by ABC, we are going to see a number of characters go through some pretty terrible situations … especially those named Callie and Arizona.

Sara Ramirez and Jessica Capshaw, as actors, have to appreciate that they are going to be getting such a meaty storyline this year as Callie tries to deal with the fact that her wife cheated on her with another doctor in the middle of a terrible storm. As you would expect, this is not going to be an easy thing for her to do; not only was Arizona unfaithful, but Callie has done her best to be patient with her for this entire year following the plane crash, and has gone through the wringer tying to make her happy. The anger on Arizona’s part probably still stems from Callie’s promise that she would not be amputated, which turned out to be something that she couldn’t keep.

Just how angry is Callie? Well, the video makes it clear that she has no problem airing out her dirty laundry with everyone else at the hospital. She decides to share with everyone that Arizona was unfaithful, and does so at a moment when the attention is really instead on trying to stabilize the hospital. We don’t believe that we are actually going to see Hilarie Burton appear anytime soon, but clearly, her presence is still going to hang very much over everyone.

This is just one of many sneak peeks for tonight’s episode. Click here if you want to read some more news in the form of Chief Webber’s fate, and how we could be losing another character very soon due to the storm.

Photo: ABC

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