‘Game of Thrones’ season 4 spoilers: Kit Harrington teases plenty more death coming up

What's next for Jon? -Just in case you were for whatever reason concerned that “Game of Thrones” was not even going to try and top the Red Wedding when it comes to madness or a high body count, prepare to be shocked: They are going to yet again find a way to kill enough people to leave your jaws in the floor. If you have read the George R.R. Martin books, you have an indicator as to what is coming; if you have not, let’s just say that this is going to be very,¬†very¬†good.

Speaking to CNN recently at the Primetime Emmy Awards, Kit Harrington started things off without even mentioning death at first, as he discussed how Jon Snow is going to be deeply immersed in warfare when you see him at the start of season 4:

“He’s a bit in the wars, old Jon Snow. And it doesn’t get any easier this season. It’s kind of high-octane, action-packed.”

Now, we turn to the juicy part that so many of you are so curious about in the deaths:

“[There are] more deaths this season than any other! … You’d think they’d tone the deaths down, but they don’t. They’ve realized that’s a successful option, so they’re just killing more people than they’ve ever killed.”

Harrington also promised that there is also more sex coming up on the show, but given that this is an HBO drama series and it is set in a fantasy world where all sorts of lewd acts are common, we imagine that you probably already realized this to be the case.

Given that “Game of Thrones” is currently in production in Northern Ireland / Croatia, there is not too much in the way of scoop being shared. However, if you go here you can see some pretty entertaining new “Sesame Street” videos starring both Peter Dinklage and Lena Headey.

Photo: HBO

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