‘The Mentalist’ season 6 spoilers: Show boss explains silence on post-Red John story

The latest -As most fans of “The Mentalist” surely know by now, there is going to be a story that goes beyond the end of the Red John investigation this year. But just what sort of show are we looking at here? Let’s just say that it is one that will feel very different, and the show is not going to necessarily just become a procedural where there are new stories taking place every week.

Speaking to TVLine about what is the evolution of their show right now, executive producer Bruno Heller was kind enough to offer up the following tease:

“As soon as you shoot an arrow in the air it’s going to land somewhere, and I don’t want to shoot that arrow quite yet. I would say that one of the luxuries if we do indeed catch and get rid of Red John… is that it’s a huge weight and burden off the shoulders of Jane and Lisbon and everybody else, so it’s a good life change, it gives them freedom and  a sense of being able to breathe again. So while there will be gripping arcs of the kind that the audience is used to, we’re going to take this opportunity to open it up a bit.”

So basically, we don’t expect to really find out too much here at all until the Red John story is over, mostly because there is no need to spoil it until then. When you consider that this story alone has been a whopping six years in the making, you have to imagine that this is really going to be enough to keep people excited for at least a little while longer.

If you do want to read about when the Red John story could be wrapped (in terms of episode count), we have that for you here. Meanwhile, keep checking back for some more scoop on what could be a pivotal season.

Photo: CBS

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