‘Survivor: Blood vs. Water’ episode 2 review: Is Rupert, Candice or Marissa the first one out?

The latest -With no elimination last week we have been anxious all week to see who the first castaway to be eliminated will be on “Survivor: Blood vs. Water” tonight. Who is going home?  Let’s see what happened.

Colton wants to play!: The tribe is getting along really well, and aren’t talking strategy at the moment, much to Colton’s disapproval. He’s here to play the game and wants to talk game, but the tribe doesn’t want to get into that unless they lose the challenge and are forced to. He decides to shake up the happy camp by planting seeds of doubt in people’s heads, but it’s mostly blowing up in his face and people are getting worried about him, his bullying and his drama. Because of what Colton did, Tyson, Tina Gervase, Aras, and Monica form an alliance to ensure that Colton doesn’t play any of them.

Redemption Island: We have Marissa, Rupert and Candice all competing for a chance to get back into the game. The challenge is a stacking game and who ever wins gets a clue about immunity that they can give to anyone on any tribe for any reason. The person who comes in last, goes home. Candice wins and gives the clue to her husband John while Rupert knocks his stack over and has to start again, and is his undoing as he is the first one out.

Challenge: Not only are the camps playing for immunity they are also playing for fishing gear and with the returning members having to many players, Kat sat this one out. At the end of the challenge it was Hayden against Gervase and the returning players win once again. Lucky for Hayden, he’s in an all guys alliance and it’s unlikely he’ll be targeted.

Guys alliance: Rachel realizes very quickly that there is a guys alliance on the family members tribe and starts to put her focus on getting along with the guys, much to the dismay of the other two women. The thing is they want to send Rachel because they are hoping that Tyson will switch out and they can get rid of him, but John doesn’t want strong players to go to Redemption Island, so that his wife has an easier time. The guys worry that John hesitancy makes his alliance nervous about him, especially since he has the immunity idol clue.

So who went to Redemption Island tonight? Rachel was voted out and it’s now clear to the women on the family members tribe that they are being picked off.

Were you surprised that Rupert was the first one out tonight or did you see that coming based on who he was up against? If you are looking for more “Survivor: Blood vs. Water” news just click here.

Photo: CBS

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