‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 6 spoilers: Kim Coates on Tig – August standoff, future on show

The road ahead -We should start this “Sons of Anarchy” article off now with what has to be a pretty gigantic spoiler warning: Unless you want the episode that aired last night on FX completely ruined for you now, it’s probably a good idea that you stop reading.

Last night’s episode was by and large a story about Lee Toric, Clay, and Jax, but somehow by the end of the 73 minutes, we were left with only one real question: Is Tig going to die? In the closing seconds, the character was put into a standoff with August that suggested that, like with Opie last season, his days in SAMCRO could very well be numbered. The only real hope that you can have for Tig is that you have yet to see his body bleeding out onto the floor. Until that happens, there is always hope.

After the episode, Kim Coates waxed somewhat-poetic about his time on the show and as the character, telling Entertainment Weekly that regardless whether he lives or dies, he is just making the assumption that prior to the series finale next year, most everyone affiliated with SAMCRO is going to go off to pasture:

“Here’s the thing: We’re all gonna die by the end of next season. Whether that’s the complete truth or some of us survive, I really believe that. So how many they take out this year or next year — at the beginning, or at the middle, or at the end — you’re just gonna have to keep watching. That’s the thing about this show: You cannot stop watching. Once you’re in, you’re in.”

As for the fateful scene that happened last night, Coates teased that what really makes how he played it significant is more about what he didn’t say:

“I actually didn’t want to say anything. It was one of those moments where I didn’t want the ‘Oh, s—’ to be funny. I didn’t want, ‘What the f—.’ I mean, I could have said a bunch of swear words that FX wouldn’t allow. But I almost didn’t want to say a d– thing. It’s like, that’s it. There’s no way I’m gonna get out of this. This is the beginning of the end for Tig, for sure.”

Do you think that Tig finds a way to get out of this latest predicament? We want to hear all of your predictions below! Meanwhile, click here if you are curious about what comes next, and you want to catch a preview for the next new episode.

Photo: FX

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