‘The Big Bang Theory’ season 7, episode 1 preview: Bad dreams, more in new video

Here it is -Usually, “The Big Bang Theory” is keen to give us a pretty good look at the episodes ahead leading up to them airing. However, we have not quite seen that yet. Instead, what we have here is another new promo that at least gives you a small sense of what could be coming up during the two episodes on Thursday night, even though some of the footage you have seen before already.

There are a few little moments in here that are new, including Sheldon waking up from a bad dream, and Penny desperately asking Leonard if he is there on the other end. Given that there is no “release the Kraken” moment that happens in real life, it’s probably best to not make too much of that moment save for it being one of the coolest visual stunts that the show has pulled off to date.

Without giving too much away, here is what we will tease for you now, in case you’ve been missing out on some of the scoop over the past several months.

1. Sheldon is going to struggle mightily with Leonard being away, and there is going to be more than one nightmare that is documented as a result.

2. Leonard will not be at sea longer than an episode, which is a good thing, given the amount of tension that is going to be there between him and Penny with him away.

3. Raj will continue to experiment with his newfound ability to speak with women, which is sure to yield a full assortment of interesting consequences. Given that we now know that Kate Micucci is going to be around for another episode next year as Lucy, we can at least say that he better work on them quickly.

Hopefully, we will have another sneak peek to share tomorrow afternoon; if not, just come back after the episodes air for a full review.

Photo: CBS

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