‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ episode 2 review: Was the pilot a fluke?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine -It’s very hard to make a show funny straight from the get-go, but this is something that Fox’s new “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” actually managed to pull off last week. It was wacky, well-written, and also gave us a great character right away in Andy Samberg’s Jake, a goofball cop forced to deal with a brand new Captain who was not exactly keen with the way in which he handled himself around the job.

Now that we have seen the show’s second episode, we are very pleased to say the following: The show is just as hilarious as it was the first time around. The acting is once again top-notch, and it already feels like we know these characters well. Amy Santiago is the biggest butt-kisser to ever be born, and we already find ourselves shipping the complete opposites in Rosa and Boyle. Even though we wonder how they will keep the cases silly in a city where violent crimes are pretty abundant, they’ve pulled it off so far by establishing the tone as silly, and showing that while Jake may be a clown, he is good at putting away the bad guys.

Are there some things that are very much in progress? Sure. Right now, it feels like Terry Crews is the odd man out sometimes, which is sad because we’re big-time fans of his work. Also, the Gina character could get a little grating at times. But the real star of this show to us is Andre Braugher, who carries Captain Holt as an extremely important man who does have some humor behind what he says at times. It’s always hardest to be the serious guy in a comedy, but Braugher can literally do just about anything. If this were any other actor, we’d be worried about the angry captain becoming cliche; but not with him. He and Jake could become one of the best odd couples on TV if the show continues at such a high level.

Are you still loving “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”? Click here in case you missed the news about its ratings last week, and we will be back tomorrow with more news.

Photo: Fox

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