‘New Girl’ season 3, episode 2 review: Jess vs. the cool kids; Winston vs. a cat

More news -If there is one reason that “New Girl” continues to be the best comedy on network television, it’s this: Just when you think that a storyline is going to reach a very predictable conclusion, they find a way to turn it upside-down and give you something that you have not quite seen before.

We’re of course talking here about Schmidt, who managed to convince both Cece and Elizabeth this week that he was with them, even when they were in a room together. It was the classic sitcom dilemma where the two find out … accept that they didn’t. He completely stumbled into a way that Cece believed Elizabeth was now a co-worker, and Elizabeth thought that Cece was working with catering. Sure it was unrealistic, but this is a comedy! We don’t really want everything to make sense. Eventually, we realize that Schmidt is going to be found out, and it will be even more epic and awesome because of the wait time that he has endured.

Meanwhile, this episode also brought us Jess’ attempts to try and befriend some of the “cool” teachers at her new school, who were mostly just mean, terrible people that included Angela Kinsey from “The Office.” While it was nice to see her on TV again, this was probably the weakest story save for a few moments where Nick told her about his days as a hacky-sack star in high school. (Of course, a hacky-sack star is still a reject compared to any other sport.)

Finally, we came up with a justifiable reason to send Brenda Song off of this show, given that she is now a series regular on “Dads”: Daisy was not ready to commit. It came a little out of nowhere, but then again, so did Daisy having a cat that Winston first considered trying to murder to get back at her, only to later decide to keep it so that she could never have anything great in her life.

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