NBC ‘The Voice’ review: E.G. Daily (‘Rugrats), Holly Henry, Destinee Quinn audition

Take a look -This week on “The Voice,” let’s just say that we have some surprises when it comes to the people who tried out on the show. Not only did we have some great singers, but there was at least one person on here that you have probably heard in some capacity before. We’re sure that you will have a debate about whether or not she should be on the show, but we’ll debate that pretty soon.

Jacqui Lee – A great personality here, as she is an Italian-American teenager from New Jersey who sings for children and has a huge personality. She’ll make for great television, but she is probably a couple of years away now from being good enough to really contend at a high level. Pick: Christina Aguilera

Barry Black – Would the coaches have turned had he not made some weird noises with his mouth? He also has a nice little R&B thing going that could be cultivating into something even more innovative. Pick: Adam

Destinee Quinn – Okay, so if this is not a name of a country singer, we really don’t know what is. She was a little nervous, and maybe that is what has her as a country singer without a turn from Blake. Therefore, she was forced to choose someone else. Oh noes! Usually, these auditions are predictable. Pick: Christina

Cole Vosbury – This was … strange. A guy who came out and performed a TV theme song like it was a rock-folk number. He was pretty good, but also pretty awkward. He and Cee Lo (the only coach who turned) should be a good fit. Pick: Cee Lo

Holly Henry – Big mistake for Holly here in choosing Blake, mostly because we would never trust him again with a non-country singer after he basically sent home a ton of them last year simply because he felt more comfortable with country acts. She is a great singer and a potential favorite to go far, but we’re just worried. Pick: Blake Shelton

Austin Jenckes – It seemed like the coaches were baiting him to talk a little bit about his dead dad, but he really didn’t go that route in front of them for the sentimentality. We really like the guy, but we think that Cee Lo was a more enthusiastic coach to work with him. Unfortunately, what we are seeing here is the Shelton Effect. Good singers know that he’s a guy who wins, and they want to work with a winner, as well. Pick: Blake

E.G. Daily – Remember E.G.? Well, let’s put it this way: She voiced Tommy Pickles on “Rugrats,” and was also one of the Powerpuff Girls. She’s one of the more well-known voice actors out there. So is it fair that she is on this show? While she did make a good bit of money from these shows, let’s not pretend that she is a billionaire. We have no problem with her coming on this show and competing, since this is something very different than what she has done before. Plus, we just love that “The Voice” continues to be upfront about who their contestants are. But … she’s a country singer who picked Blake. (Ugh.) Everyone wanted her to pick Cee Lo, but no. Pick: Blake

Jonny Gray – First of all, “All These Things That I’ve Done” is one of our favorite songs from the Killers, so great choice. Also, this was obvious from the moment that he said he had an emotional connection to Adam Levine thanks to listening to his music during hard times … but then he picked Cee Lo?! What happened here! Pick: Cee Lo

Tessanne Chin – The final audition of the night, a rocker from Jamaica with a ton of talent. She has such a huge voice that she could contend deep into the show, but we do think that she will need more creative song choices from here on out. Pick: Adam

As always when we write about this show, we want to hear your thoughts below! Let us know who your favorite was in the poll, and you can take a look at the highlights from last night here.

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