‘Mad Men’ season 7 spoilers: Elisabeth Moss on format; James Wolk on possible return

Elisabeth MossTypically, this is not the time of year when you hear much in the way of scoop on “Mad Men.” However, there are a couple of factors that have changed the game somewhat compared to what we have seen during pre-production in the past. The show is actually going to air its final 14 episodes in batches of two, with seven airing in 2014, and the other seven not coming on until 2015. This allows AMC to keep its beloved series on the air for a little while longer, but in the process raises the question as to whether they are dragging this out too much, or just trying to milk it for Emmy nominations.

Elisabeth Moss is one of the first stars from the show to speak out about the change, and she actually seems to be for it. Why? As she tells TVLine at the Emmys on Sunday night, she finds it “awesome” mostly because she does not have to say goodbye yet to her co-stars or to the Peggy Olson character:

“I’m enjoying ‘Breaking Bad’ like that …┬áIt gives us all a chance to not have to say goodbye yet, and I like that.”

This quote does help to confirm to us that “Mad Men” will also be shooting its final 14 episodes in the same sort of way that “Breaking Bad” did, with one batch of seven being filmed a year. We will say this: While we find the move somewhat annoying, it does at least give Matthew Weiner and the writers time to come up with a lot of great stuff.

So are there going to be some familiar characters coming back? The website asked James Wolk (now on “The Crazy Ones”) whether or not he plans on returning while on the Emmy red carpet, and he was honest in saying that he doesn’t know. However, he was hopeful that he could work something out schedule-wise in the event that they did want him around for something more.

No matter how you look at the final 14, at least know that Weiner already has a plan put into place. If the show has an ending closer to “Breaking Bad” than it does to “Dexter,” we will ultimately be very pleased at the end of the day.

Photo: AMC

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