‘Survivor: Blood vs. Water’ episode 2 preview: What Gervase hath wrought

He's back -Did the Family Members tribe on “Survivor: Blood vs. Water” ever start to figure out how to play with a little bit of strategy? While we still don’t understand the logic of getting rid of Marissa Peterson out of spite, they seem to have at least managed something else that is important to this game: Knowing when to be quiet. It would be easy for them to start to taunt Gervase to his face for more or less helping to get his niece voted out last week, but they don’t upon arrival to Redemption Island. Instead, they sit there and await the next duel.

So why all of the crying in the clip below? While we’re tempted to give them all a hard time, you also have to remember this: What we are looking at here is a very different sort of game than anything that we witnessed previous for many of these players; they know that one of their loved ones being booted means less of a chance for their family to take home $1 million at the end of the day. Interestingly, Gervase seems to be a little bit more put-together than some of the other castaways, and also looks clueless as to why Marissa was voted out.

When it comes to the actual duel itself, we have to assume based on what we can see here that it is going to be somewhat based on quickness and endurance. With that in mind, Rupert Boneham is in big trouble. While he may have done the right thing for him in saving Laura (and he may do it a hundred times again), this may have cost his family at least one spot on the jury in the process. We doubt Laura goes far on a tribe with returning players, and we do genuinely think that he would have at least been safe for a few votes on a tribe that has bigger targets in Colton Cumbie and maybe Kat Edorsson.

Do you think Rupert’s in trouble? We want to hear your pick below as to how could be voted out! Meanwhile, click here if you want to read our full analysis of the premiere, including why Vytas Baskauskas is off to such a great start. (We’re going to have more updates in the attached sidebar all season long.)

Photo: CBS

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