‘The Big Bang Theory’ season 7 spoilers: Kate Micucci stages return as Lucy

A look ahead -Did you love Raj with Lucy on “The Big Bang Theory” last season? If so you’re going to probably be more than a little pleased with the revelation that Kate Micucci is going to be coming back for at least one more episode … though there is no word as to if she is going to spend any time at all with the Raj character.

The news of Micucci’s return comes to us via The Hollywood Reporter, where it is reported that the actress, otherwise known for her roles on “Scrubs” and “Raising Hope,” will share a scene with Kaley Cuoco’s Penny as the two run into each other. Maybe Penny gives Lucy some sort of confidence that Raj is right for her, or maybe this is yet another way to provide closure for this relationship and they try to move him onto a different love interest.

Obviously, the biggest news for Raj this season regardless of anything is that he now possesses the ability to actually communicate with women, and this is going to lead to some entertaining and memorable sequences as he still doesn’t really know the right thing to say to them. It’s almost like a baby bird starting to fly for the first time in that they’re going to come crashing down to earth a few times before taking flight.

As the only single main character right now, though, we do expect that many characters will attempt now to live vicariously through Raj, especially now that he has the opportunity to really be a worthy sort of vessel for their advice. Previously, almost anything that they told him would be rendered useless by his communication problem.

Do you want to see Raj and Lucy together this season, or do you think that this is something that he is just not quite ready for? Click here if you want to find out just how much tension there is going to be between some of the actual couples this season. (Here’s a hint: It’s going to be quite a bit.)

Photo: CBS

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