‘The Mentalist’ season 6 spoilers: Do we know timing for Red John reveal?

The latest -For those insanely curious as to just when Red John is going to unmasked on “The Mentalist” season 6, we are still waiting for some answers. However, we may have one of the first major clues just in the form of a simple episode title.

According to a new report from E! News, the upcoming seventh episode of the season is going to carry with it a title that should feel both very simple as well as very familiar: “Red John.” Basically, if there is not some sort of enormous reveal that takes place in there, we imagine there being some sort of epic fan revolt that happens next. After all of the work that has been put in to making this story have a satisfying conclusion, they are not going to ruin it courtesy of an episode title of all things.

When the show begins on Sunday night, things will kick off with Patrick Jane narrowing down his list of candidates to be the killer to just a few names. The case will for sure be solved by the midway point of the season. It is at that point that you will see the exit of some characters, the introduction of new ones, and also an interesting story that revolves around what comes next.

Overall, what do you think about the title, and do you think that it is almost a given that there is going to be a major Red John reveal based mostly on this title alone? We want to hear some of your thoughts below! Meanwhile, click here if you do want to read more on Jane and Lisbon’s future, and how the end of the Red John case could potentially lead to opening the door somewhat for the characters having more time to put into relationships.

Photo: CBS

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