‘The X Factor’ UK: See Cher Lloyd’s ‘I Wish’ music video

The latest news -Clearly, this is “X Factor” UK music season. We’ve been writing about it quite a bit as of late, and it has led us to the latest news breaking this morning: The official video for Cher Lloyd’s “I Wish.”

Cher is clearly carving a little niche for herself as the slightly-wild (but not too wild) pop star that can appeal to some mainstream and niche audiences at the same time. She has a pretty good thing going in that her songs are extremely catchy, and while you’re not going to spend much time thinking about them, there is potential that they will play well on the radio.

Basically, you can say that this music video is quite a bit like what we have come to expect out of Cher’s music. It’s fun, a little wacky, and not something that is going to offend you or make your eyes burn. It’s not exactly revolutionary, but we don’t really think that it is intended to be given that most “X Factor” alum are not risk-takers to the umpteenth degree. We are surprised that Cher’s special guest T.I. was open into being in a lot of the video. While we still think that the rap interlude is one of the most-overused tropes in pop music right now, at least there was some effort put in here so that he wasn’t just a guy who randomly showed up in the video, did his rap, and then went on his merry way. There have been a few occasions of that in songs over the years and it is simple infuriating.

Do you like this video, especially when it comes to being incredibly appropriate to the song? Be sure to share below. As we said, there’s quite a few “X Factor” UK highlights out there right now, including the official video for Union J’s latest hit, and the first audio of Little Mix’s new single “Move.”

Photo: ITV

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