‘Breaking Bad’ season 5, episode 16 preview: Bryan Cranston’s long drive in ‘Felina’

The latest -Given the way in which Sunday night’s “Breaking Bad” ended, there was a part of us that thought that “Felina” was going to start things off with Walter White back in New Mexico, and possibly even with the same exact scene in his house that we first saw during the flash-forward during the midseason premiere.

But, we wonder if that is not the case after seeing one of the first images released by AMC of the episode today, highlighting Walt rocking out the ski cap while driving in front of an ominous and cloudy sky. Is he still in New Hampshire? Reason suggests that he wouldn’t need the cap in New Mexico, and he is not wearing it when he arrives back to the house. We just wonder if there is any specific business that he needs to attend to along the way; given that there is roughly only 52-55 minutes left of the series, it seems like somewhat of a waste to spend any of that time watching Walt on the road.

The mystery that is clearly more intriguing now more than ever are just what his materials collected from the house are for. (Warning: Speculation ahead.) The ricin is something that could easily be used on Lydia, given the way in which she does take a certain hot beverage, but it also seems a little obvious. Meanwhile, the gun could be used to take down Jack and his gang. We’re not that optimistic that Walt makes it out of this alive; after all, he’s going after trained assassins with no safety net, and given that almost everyone hates him, he is going to be hard-pressed to try and figure out if there are any allies left. Perhaps he even knows at this point that death is the only option for him, and he merely figures that if he goes out, he might as well go out feeling a touch of dignity rather than defeat.

Regardless, “Breaking Bad” to us is one episode away from being perhaps the greatest show of all time. We do not say such a phrase lightly, but this final season has proven to be a cut above what was already a fantastic show. It’s now moving into legendary territory.

While the promo for the finale does not tell you much, you can at least view it here. It is there that we also touch on the possible meaning for the title in “Felina.”

Photo: AMC

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