‘Survivor’ winner John Cochran shows off new work on CBS’ ‘The Millers’ (video)

Read up -While “The Millers” may not premiere until a week from Thursday, why not take an interesting look behind the scenes today? It’s not often that you have a sitcom that has a major sell as a part of its writing staff (at least someone that mainstream audiences know), and this show managed to pull that off courtesy of “Survivor Caramoan” winner John Cochran. This is a guy who said on the finale that he wanted to write more so than be a lawyer, and he’s now getting the opportunity.

So how did this come about? Cochran explains in a behind-the-scenes video from the show below that he first got the call to interview for “The Millers” the day after he said on the “Survivor” reunion show that he wanted to write. Jeff Probst had told him the the show’s executive producer Greg Garcia wanted to meet with him, and it was then set up. Following that, he moved out to Los Angeles accompanied by his mother, and since that time he has been working on some of the scripts for the Will Arnett series.

The video features some funny lines from some of Cochran’s fellow writers about him, and his office is clearly set up to remind everyone time and time again that he is a huge “Survivor” fan. Translation? It’s going to be easy to tell which office is his without him being there.

“The Millers” is going to have nearly every opportunity in the world to succeed. It will be airing after “The Big Bang Theory” on Thursday night, and we do like the combination of Arnett and Margo Martindale in the cast. It is also certainly going to be one of the projects with the greatest amount of change to it, as there have been some recasts since the pilot was first shot. Given that “Glee’s” Jayma Mays and “Happy Endings” alum Eliza Coupe are on board, we would be intrigued even if there was no Cochran on the staff.

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Photo: CBS

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