‘The Newsroom’ season 3 will happen, Jeff Daniels insists after Emmy win

It's okay -For those of you wondering whether or not Jeff Daniels was a tad premature in announcing the season 3 renewal for “The Newsroom,” here’s the good news: The show still seems like it is going to be back for more. So why all of the inner ambiguity? It has to do more so with the when rather than anything else.

Speaking after his surprising win last night at the Emmys, Daniels explained in part to TVLine that the reason why he first tweeted out the renewal was because he asked HBO what he should say on the future of a show in case it was asked to him in a late-night TV interview, and they told him to say that it would be coming back, but there are still schedule issues to work out. Therefore, we saw him relay the message publicly.

Jeff reiterated last night that the cast is still waiting to just figure out the time-frame to work on the new season, which seems to be mostly brought on by Aaron Sorkin’s busy schedule. He’s a guy with a ton on his plate, and given that he writes so many of the episodes himself, it is hard for him to really balance one project with anything else.

In the end, the Emmy win here certainly helps the show’s chances, even if the vast majority of people out there see Daniels as undeserving versus Bryan Cranston and Damian Lewis (though we disagree with this notion). If the show even gets a small fraction of viewers from this tonight, it has to be considered a win.

While we don’t know the “when” for “The Newsroom” season 3 just yet, you can find out a whole mess of news related to what we want to see happen next year at the link here. We’ll have more scoop on the subject as it becomes available.

Photo: HBO

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