2013 Emmy reaction: Why it’s okay that Jeff Daniels defeated Bryan Cranston

It's okay -Dear internet, we’ve taken notice; and clearly, you’re not that big of a fan of Jeff Daniels winning an Emmy tonight for his role as Will McAvoy on “The Newsroom.” To a certain extent, we get it: “Breaking Bad” is on right now in its final season, and there is a huge contingent of folks out there who were eagerly hoping to see Bryan Cranston walk away with another award. Or, what about Jon Hamm playing Don Draper six times, and getting no love for it at all? He only has two more opportunities, and Cranston also has another.

The way Daniels won this year is probably due to a number of other nominees canceling each other out. Many voters probably struggled to decide between Cranston and Damian Lewis in particular, while Kevin Spacey probably received a few votes to go along with Hamm. “The Newsroom” has vocal fans, and they likely all stuck with Daniels for his sharp, human performance of a man in Will McAvoy who is barely together enough to function on the job a good part of the time.

While “The Newsroom” may be polarizing in subject matter at times, it does not diminish the performance of the man in the role. Daniels makes a character of someone that is not that easy to like at times, and turn them into someone that is easy to root for. He’s not a bad guy like Walter White or at times Don Draper; he’s more of a traditional hero except with an ego and a problem with telling people off. He’s not interested in the evil things; he just wants to do his job, do it well, and leave an impact in a way that he can look back on fondly.

So in the end, we close with this message. If you don’t like the winner for this year’s show, just remember that there’s always next year. All of these actors will again be eligible, and the voters could then change their mind.

If you do want to read some more news related to the Emmys, don’t worry: We’ve got you covered with a full winners’ list and more here.

Photo: HBO

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