2013 Emmys: Stephen Colbert’s ‘The Colbert Report’ unseats Jon Stewart for 1st time in decade

Take a look -You can say what you will about this year’s Emmys being boring and largely unfunny (true), but there is some real drama coming from the actual winners this year. It’s almost like the voters were paying attention to criticism of the same people always winning, and they decide to mix it up.

So forget Jeff Daniels beating Bryan Cranston, or “The Amazing Race” losing to “The Voice.” For us, the biggest stunner was seeing “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” lose the Emmy for Outstanding Variety Series for the first time in literally a decade. Stewart had become so dominant in this category that it had almost gotten to the point where people literally stopped making jokes about him, mostly because it became tiring to do so and the assumption was that he was just going to win every year.

But in the end, Colbert gave a touching speech where he thanked Stewart for helping him to come up with the idea to do the show, and inspiring him to use his crazy character at the center of it. He also thanked his late mother, who passed away earlier this year and he gave a touching tribute too on “The Colbert Report” earlier this year after a brief hiatus.

The irony with this award is that Colbert actually won it at a time in which there were no jokes about Stewart always winning it, and we wonder if him being on leave from “The Daily Show” during the voting period impacted it.

What do you think: Was it time for Stewart to finally lose, and do you think that “The Colbert Report” was the right show to finally take down “The Daily Show”? If you want to take a look at all of our other Emmy highlights tonight, just be sure to click here.

Photo: CBS

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