‘Breaking Bad’ season 5, episode 15 review: Walt hits rock bottom, will he rise again?

Breaking Bad -After last week’s epic episode of “Breaking Bad” that we rank as one of the top 3 best episodes of the series we were a little worried that the show’s last 2 episodes might not be able to hold up to that same standard, but then again things are moving forward at such a breakneck speed that there’s no way that this crazy train could slow down even if it wanted to. So with Jesse being a cook slave and Walt on the run what’s going to happen next?

Jesse: Things are looking bad for him after Jack watches Jesse’s confession video implicating Todd, but Todd sees Jesse as a gateway to Lydia and wants to keep him alive to do more cooks. Jesse manages to get out of his hand cuffs and convinces Todd to leave the tarp off of his cage for the night. After creating a make shift ladder, he unlatches the door to the cage and escapes, but can he get out of the compound? There is no such luck for those of you who are team Pinkman. Not only is he caught again, but he is forced to watch the execution of Andrea by Todd and is told that if he tries to escape again, Brock is next.

Skyler: She has 3 masked unexpected visitors (Todd and his boys) when she gets home from being grilled about Walt’s whereabouts that are there to make sure that Skyler hasn’t talked to the police about Lydia. She assures them that she hasn’t and that she won’t, so they leave.

Todd and Lydia: Todd tells Lydia that Skyler go the message loud and clear, but Lydia feels that she is still a risk and that she’s pulling out of the deal with them… that is until Todd tells her that the percentage of the product is at 92% and it’s back to being blue.

Walt: When we last saw Walt he met Saul’s guy to get him a new identity and move into a new life. Saul is following in Walt’s footsteps and will be starting a new life also. While Walt is in a holding pattern waiting for his new life, he decides he wants to find a hit man to take out Jack and his men as revenge for Hank, to get his money back and protect Skyler and the kids. Saul proposes that Walt stay and face the music, that way Skyler won’t face prison, but Walt demands Saul come with him to make revenge plan against Jack happen. Saul sees how weak Walt is and walks away from the situation. Once Walt is set up in the middle of no where with no TV, internet, or phone he realizes he’s going to stay in this place until he dies or he can try to continue on with his plan of revenge.

As months roll by Walt learns that Skyler is going by her maiden name, working a job for a little cash, and that his old house is up for auction and no one is living there at the moment. Walt is still receiving chemo and is losing so much weight that his wedding ring won’t stay on. It’s obvious that being alone is really breaking his spirit when he pays the man that brings him supplies once a month ten grand to spend an hour with him.

In Walt’s desperate loneliness he packs up a bunch of the money in a package and heads out to find a phone and calls Walter Jr. He tells him that he wants to send them money to help, but Walter Jr. lashes out at him that nothing can make up for killing Hank and that he hopes his father dies. Walt then decides to call the police and turn himself in, that is until he sees his former partners from Grey Matter on TV reminding him that the sweet man they once knew was now gone forever and he leaves the bar before the police show up.

After all of the horrible things that Walt has done, we were surprised to find ourselves feeling sorry for him and we love that “Breaking Bad” can still have this affect on us after all of these years.

What did you think of tonight’s episode of “Breaking Bad”? If you didn’t hear the news about the shows Emmy wins tonight, just click here.

Photo: AMC

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