‘Ink Master’ season 3, episode 11 preview: Military challenge proves to be emotional

There are only 5 people left -This week’s episode of “Ink Master” season 3 is going to bring out a lot of different emotions for not only the artists and the judges, but also the human canvases.

For the flash challenge (which you can see a preview for over at Spike TV) the artists will be tested on finesse as they have the honor of working with military heroes to engrave meaningful pieces onto dog tags. Joshua feels a connection with this challenge as he reveals that he was once in the Navy himself, but that doesn’t mean that the other artists (like Joey who has served as well) don’t feel emotional about this challenge.

These stories are completely heartbreaking to listen to and even watching these short clips is enough to make a person swell up with gratitude for what these men and women in the service have done for this country. Everyone did a fantastic job on their dog tag engravings and this is the first time this season where everyone is on equal footing with their work. It’s really anyone’s game at this point.

The elimination challenge will definitely have Joshua on edge since he has already said in last week’s episode that he does not ever tattoo the face and will always try to talk a client out of it if he can. This week the artists will be tattooing a canvas’ head, which is not only painful, but in a very visible spot (especially for those without hair.) Will Joshua walk away from this challenge?

If you missed out on who went home last week on “Ink Master” season 3, just be sure to click here for a full review of who was eliminated and why.

Photo: Spike TV

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