Breaking down ‘Breaking Bad’ season 5, episode 14: Debating Jesse Pinkman’s fate

Ask anything -So what happens next to Jesse Pinkman on “Breaking Bad”? There are all sorts of things that we could use from “Ozymandias” to break down during this article, but for us, the fate of Aaron Paul’s characters stands out front and center. This is a man that is one of the show’s most-beloved characters, but we have to ask: Is this where it ends for Jesse?

After seeing both Gomez and Hank die then be buried completely without dignity, this is clearly not a show that pulls any punches. So to see Jesse end up becoming a prisoner and forced to cook against his will … or possibly die? It’s a hard way to go out. Walter White clearly has not shown any desire to save him, so for this article, we’re breaking down really the different scenarios that we could see playing out for Jesse leading into the series finale.

1. He finds a way to escape – It seems unlikely given the investment that Todd and Jack have in keeping him around, but Jesse is a sly dude. We would not put it past him that he manages to find a way to stay safe.

2. He spends the rest of his life cooking – This, by far, would be the most tragic ending for Jesse. He clearly hates cooking, and having to sit there and do it would be the worst of thing that would sap the emotion and passion straight out of him.

3. He refuses to cook, and dies – This would not shock us at all. If he thinks he is going to die in his cage-like prison, why would he help Todd out? He’s never been one to follow orders, and we would not use “patient” as a word to describe Todd or any of his men.

4. Jesse kills himself, and blows up the lab – He could try to “teach” Todd, but having learned enough science over the years in order to cause them to go boom might be an option. This would be one of the coolest endings to happen on the show, mostly because it would allow him to have some sort of redemption. If you’re going to go out, why not go out (literally) with a bang?

What’s your theory for Jesse’s fate, and do you gather any clues that suggest just how his story could end? We want to hear from you below! Meanwhile, click here if you want to see the latest fun video via Aaron Paul.

This article is the latest in the “Breaking Down ‘Breaking Bad'” series, where we take a look at one key issue a week leading up to the series finale and Walter White’s last hurrah (at least for our purposes).

Photo: AMC

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