‘NCIS’ season 11: Brian Dietzen, Pauley Perrette to live-tweet premiere

More news -When it comes to social media and the 2013 fall season, networks are really pulling out all of the stops. If you look across the board, we’ve been hearing all sorts of stories surrounding various about stars and shows tweeting their little hearts out in order to get people excited about the new season. There’s some serious anxiety out there that cable is going to start to eat broadcast’s lunch, and this is a way to bring it into the 21st century. (Ironically, you don’t see a show like “Breaking Bad” forcing hashtags on people like many networks shows do.)

So what are we talking about today? Basically, it is all about who is going to be live-tweeting the “NCIS” premiere, since we know that there are so many diehard fans out there of the show. In addition to Brian Dietzen and Pauley Perrette, Sean Murray and Rocky Carroll will also be getting online to talk about the show.

Ultimately, we see these sorts of things as nice little ways for actors and executive producers to interact with fans, which is certainly not always easy for them to do. You have to remember that some of these people work 70-80 work weeks, in addition to being recognized often and never really being able to turn off that switch. Do they make plenty of money for it? Sure, but it has to be exhausting after a while. Even still there is little way to use social media as an accurate gauge for audience size. For example, “Pretty Little Liars” is one of the most-social programs on TV, but its total viewership is a fraction of the “NCIS” audience. It does fare better for predicting demo figures, but even with that the Teen Choice Awards did poorly despite trending at various times all summer.

Do you like it when stars take to Twitter during the premiere, or do you almost prefer your shows pure and don’t go on Twitter until later? Click here if you want to see a major sneak peek of the “NCIS” premiere featuring Pauley’s Abby front and center.

Photo: CBS

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