‘Shark Tank’ review: Postcard on the Run, Lynnae’s Gourmet Pickles, Sweet Ballz, RoloDoc

The latest -Shark Tank” is back! It’s a longtime favorite, and a constant source of entertainment. Kevin O’Leary is gold, and we’re not just saying that because he has tons of money. While we missed Daymond John very much in Friday’s premiere, there were so many other great moments that it helped to make up for it.

In case you’re new to our episode reviews, what we do is this: Present our opinion of the product, say whether or not they received any offers, and of course direct you to where you can see the product for yourself. There are clearly some we love more than others, but the decision is ultimately up to you if you want to check the products out.

Postcard on  the Run – Basically, this is an intriguing little app that allows you to make memories via a guy that looks almost like Brendan Fraser. The premise here is interesting: You take a photo, personalize it, sign it using your finger, and you can actually use it to send some postcards via mail. It’s a cool idea that sort of combines the old with the new.

The problem with the app is the valuation at $6 million is way too high, and there is nothing altogether proprietary about it. The only way that it becomes a success is if a show like this allows it to take off. While there are similar products that can be made, seeing Robert Herjavec fight hard for a $4 million valuation on the brand was smart in his mind. He does know the space well, and his connections are going to help it grow. (Plus, the guy name-dropped Selena Gomez!)

Lynnae’s Gourmet Pickles – Specialty pickles? Really? We admit that we do love us some pickles, but we haven’t really bought a jar strictly to eat them (rather than putting them on burgers) ever since the fifth grade in elementary school. For pickle fiends, though, we could see this being great.

The issues that we see with this product are simple. Anytime that you have a food product on the show, it’s a huge risk because any company could make a specialty pickle. We admire what these two ladies are doing using a family recipe, but we just don’t understand the risk. Also, the price per jar ($7) is fine for Whole Foods, but the jar looks smaller than the average jar, and it is twice the price. This is more for the “Top Chef” fan than the average consumer. No offer here.

RoloDoc – A way for individuals to communicate with doctors! Wait, isn’t there such a thing as email? We really just can’t see there being any real benefit for any doctors to sign up for this. These people already have millions of responsibilities on their hands, so why would they join some social network that has high liability costs for them? It’s one of those things that could be practical if there were doctors in need of patients or a vetting system, but there’s none of that. Also, it’s unclear how to make money. These co-founders should just go back to practicing medicine and helping people, because they our hurting our heart with this. It was abysmal, and Mark Cuban’s right: This was the worst presentation we have ever seen for two guys who were absolutely clueless about what they were being asked. Of course, there wasn’t an offer here.

Sweet Ballz – As we talked about in our preview for this episode, this is a product that really looks delicious … and everything else with it looks pretty darn sweet. The price point is low and consumer-pleasing, and they already have a deal with 7-11. Even though food products are risky, these guys have the sales to back it up, a cute name, and some tasty treats to go with it.

There were a ton of offers that flooded the tank, and Robert Herjavec gave the best offer in $250,000 for 25% of the company … at least at first. Lori Grenier wanted more of the business, and of course she shouted “QVC” from the rooftops. In the end, these two teamed up with Kevin for 30% of the company in return for the $250k. Meanwhile, Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran teamed up, and gave them Robert’s original offer of 25%. These guys were from Dallas and Mark offered them a better deal … of course they went with him! Robert’s line of “I could feel the balls slipping away” at the end was clearly the best of the night.

What was your favorite product tonight? Be sure to vote in the poll below! To see some other great products featured on “Shark Tank,” including some of our favorites from last season, be sure to visit the link here.

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