‘Big Brother 15′ reaction: Aaryn Gries’ apology tour begins

The latest -Well, you knew this was coming almost the moment that Aaryn Gries’ family got together a PR team following her time in the “Big Brother” house. One of her first stops? TMZ, where she explained that she never realized the full nature of her comments since no one basically ever told her in years past that they were wrong.

The good news here? That she actually comes clean about making racist remarks for years, which means that she is saying that this was not just a one-time thing brought on being on the show. The bad news? She seems to believe that blaming Texas was the worst thing that she did during the game: “Blaming Texas was the biggest mistake I made … I was in defense mode.” As a person born and raised in Texas, that comment was very frustrating, but we can think of at least four or five more that are way worse.

Of course, the real irony here is that she is getting more publicity than the winner Andy Herren and any of the other houseguests, which may make her the most memorable houseguest of the season. The sad irony here is that had she not been so offensive in the house, no one would be talking about her at all, since she never really had the excitement of someone who really wanted to be there (even if she did).

We could say quite a bit more about Aaryn here, but to be honest, she’s pretty much buried herself. In a few weeks’ time, most everyone will have forgotten about this season as we start to dream about a better cast next summer, and hopefully one where people are a little bit more cognizant that what they say really is getting broadcast all around the world. What Aaryn should have done, and we’re surprised that she didn’t considering that she claimed to be a big fan in her pre-season interviews, is really did some research about the live feeds. Even if you don’t talk to former players, you can develop the sense that you are being watched all the time, and you have to be careful what you say. This was the benefit last season of there being people like Mike Boogie and Dan in the house, where they can tell you a little about how to keep yourself in check.

You can find out more about our hopes for next season, along with some other news about Spencer Clawson’s current job status, at the link here. Even though the season is over, we still intend to be your source for all “Big Brother” news over the course of the coming weeks.

Photo: CBS

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