‘The Mentalist’ season 6 spoilers: More scoop on Jane, Lisbon’s future

The latest -Who is ready for some possible-premature romance scoop when it comes to “The Mentalist” season 6? Even though Jane and Lisbon may not necessarily have romance at the moment at the top of their priority list right now courtesy of everything that is happening with Red John, you should at least be aware that the two are going to spend some time thinking about it … eventually.

Speaking about this subject in a new interview with TVLine, series creator Bruno Heller had the following to say about how the end of this long-running investigation a little later this season could trigger an opportunity for these characters to move forward and possibly think about something else for a change:

“They haven’t been thinking about [their growing closeness] while it’s been happening, so all this accumulated emotion and feeling has been building up, essentially, behind them. It’s only when they step away from that and can turn around and look back that they will really start to see how they feel about each other, and it’s great fun to explore that on the page. I think it’s going to be a whole different look at these two characters.”

One of the biggest reasons why there could be something there for the two is simply that there will be opportunities post-Red John to have a completely different show. It’s almost back to being a pilot again, in that they have a chance to create a completely-new mission for Jane that we only hope will be enjoyable. Ending the Red John case before the series finale is a risk, but it’s also smart. If the show is canceled this year, fans have closure. Meanwhile, had they ended the season with the mystery being solved, it would feel like closure, and fans would be less inclined to tune in the next year. This allows for a chance to build up a new story.

Are you hoping for something to happen between these two characters? Of course, we want to hear some of your thoughts on the subject below!

Photo: CBS

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