ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 6 spoilers: Lisa Edelstein analyzes Castle – Beckett relationship

Take a look -It looks more and more like there could be some roadblocks coming up for Castle and Beckett when it comes to trying to make their relationship work in the long-term, and this time, one of them during “Castle” season 6 could come from a new, possibly-powerful influence in Beckett’s life: A woman in Rachel McCord who could also help her to determine whether or not she should work in Washington DC rather than stick around in New York City.

Only a day after we talked about Lisa Edelstein’s comments on the subject of working with Stana Katic, the actress explains to TV Guide some more news about how her character may have concerns that Beckett could be held back by Nathan Fillion’s super-successful mystery author:

“McCord views Castle as a threat to Beckett. He is hampering her potential … [However,] she’s not an enemy of Castle’s. She gets who he is, but she also knows what her job is. … McCord has made mistakes of her own, and that’s why she feels qualified to help Beckett avoid doing the same thing.”

The ball will be in Beckett’s court here more so than Castle’s when it comes to trying to figure out what she wants to do with her career, but take heed of one thing now: She loves Rick (as proven in the sneak peek from the premiere), and nothing that she does will be something to deliberately hurt him. This is not a guarantee that it will not hurt him anyway, but she is going to try and walk that tightrope of being good to him and helpful to her career.

We will likely find out a few answers in regards to this relationship when “Castle” season 6 premieres on Monday night, but Beckett’s decision could take several episodes. Patience in this case will very much be a virtue.

Photo: ABC

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