‘Breaking Bad’ season 5 video: Aaron Paul claims series finale somehow gets ‘messier’

Ask anything -If you teared up at all watching “Breaking Bad” on Sunday night, we are starting to bet that you may be in full-on ugly cry mode by the time in which the series finale airs on AMC in just a week and a half. Things are not going to be getting better for these characters in any shape or form. As a matter of fact, they are going to get much, much worse as the metaphorical RV drives off into the sunset.

The specific word that a very-bearded Aaron Paul uses in his interview from “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” last night to describe the final episode is “messier,” even more so than what we bore witness to with “Ozymandias” and the deaths of Hank and Gomez. In between this, Walter Jr. finally finding out about what his father has been up to now for over a year, and also Walter Sr. kidnapping baby Holly only to give her back, there were enough shockers thrown in here more or less to induce a dozen heart attacks. So do things get even worse?

There is also some funny stuff in here from Aaron about how he at this point cannot basically go anywhere without running into throngs of massive “Breaking Bad” fans who want him at first to spoil the ending for them … but then quickly change their mind when he starts to make them believe that he is really about to tell them something important about the season. We suppose that this is at least something different for him to deal with now, as opposed to having to constantly meet up with people that want to be referred to as a “b**ch.”

One reason why “Breaking Bad” may be upping the ante is simply that there is more time. As we learned yesterday, the show is planning to make the final episodes of the season 15 minutes longer.

Photo: AMC

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