‘Big Brother 15’ finale review: Did GinaMarie, Andy or Spencer win?

Is Andy the winner? -We have been watching “Big Brother 15” all summer long and although this was one of the worst casts int he history of the show and an even worse final three, we are still excited for the big finale tonight. Who’s going to take home the half million dollars and be crowned the winner? Let’s see how it all played out.

1st HOH: It’s a roller skating contest where GinaMarie, Spencer and Andy each have to hold onto a rotating bar while on roller skates and the last person to hold on, wins the 1st HOH. Spencer was the first one out (shocker!) and it wasn’t really all that surprising to see GinaMarie take this one since she’s done well in endurance competitions in the past.

2nd HOH: Andy and Spencer compete for who will battle GinaMarie for the final HOH in a memory test. They have to find all of the faces of the houseguests buried in the sand and place them in order that they were evicted in the fastest time. In a surprise to no one, Spencer lost again and Andy will be facing off against GinaMarie for the final HOH spot. Could we see the ginger alliance we predicted at the beginning of the season in the final two?

The jury meets Dr. Will: He shows up during the jury process to help them break down the season and talk about who should win out of the three remaining houseguests. Dr.Will didn’t hold back as he poked fun at Aaryn and Candice’s new found friendship, Judd saying that Andy should win for not being a floater and most of the jury being there because they sat next to Spencer.

Final HOH: It’s a quiz challenge about “comments” the jury made since leaving the house and we immediately worry for GinaMarie since she always chokes on these types of contests. Andy won the final HOH and this should’ve been an easy choice for him as Spencer is the biggest floater of the season that is going to be a breeze to beat, but he took GinaMarie, because he had finale two deal with her since day one. What a dummy, Andy deserves to get second place at this point with what could be the worst move of the season.

The jury had some really good questions for both of the finalists asking GinaMarie what her best game moves were and Andy about his lying to everyone. Andy had a great last speech, but we were a little shocked that GinaMarie basically told the jury that she would give them money if she won (is this not against the rules of the game?)

The MVP was revealed to everyone and Amanda took the fact that America nominated her twice very well. What was very cool to see was the returning houseguests (not on the jury), especially Howard who called everyone out for the racist comments saying that it wasn’t just one person. Spencer tried to agree that the racism was awful, but when he asked Julie Chen if he said something bad she told him there wasn’t enough time to cover what he said.

The winner of the game was Andy 7 to 2 and as much as we don’t really like him he was the right person to win this season. The top 3 people voted by America for the fan favorite were Judd, Elissa and Howard, but with her sister Rachel Reilly campaigning for her, Elissa easily won the $25,000.

Do you think Andy deserved to win “Big Brother 15” or should GinaMarie have won instead? If you are hoping that “Big Brother 16” is going to be an all stars season like we are then click here for our wish list of returning players.

Photo: CBS

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