‘Survivor: Blood vs. Water’ premiere review: Is Hayden Moss part of the ‘Brigade’ part two?

The latest -We have been crazy excited for “Survivor: Blood vs. Water” to see some of our favorites come back to the game, but also to see “Big Brother” winner Hayden Moss on a very different type of show. Will the pairs get to play together or will they be separated and forced to play against each other?

The pairs landed on the island and their first night there no tribes were set and they spent the night with their family member. It was the next day is when things got real and they learned that they would not be playing with their loved one, but against them. Brad messed up right out of the gate when he admitted that if he played an advantage challenge that he would throw it to his wife leaving the rest of the family members shooting daggers at him.

Right away Jeff Probst told each tribe that they immediately had to vote someone out of their tribe. The family members voted out  Rupert’s wife, Laura in almost a unanimous vote and the returning players sent out Candice, but they are not out of the game, they are being sent to Redemption Island. Jeff gives the partners of each player nominated a chance to swap out for their loved one and then they would go on the opposite team. Rupert swapped with his wife and Laura joined the returning players, much to the disappointment to the tribe. Candice and John decided to leave Candice on Redemption Island to battle Rupert. Once getting to Redemption Island, Candice was feeling bitter as she was the one doing everything at camp while Rupert did nothing, but that was part of his strategy as he figured Candice will tire herself out and take care of him in the process.

Once the tribes went off into on their own, the returning players had no problem getting fire, water and shelter together, but the family members had some trouble, especially with fire. A few people on the family tribe spent time working on making an alliance and there was quickly a guys alliance formed with the five guys including Hayden… is this going to be “The Brigade” part two?

Oh Colton… he tried to explain to the tribe (and viewers) why he lashed out last time and why he is the way he is as he talked about how much he was bullied growing up about being gay. Are the viewers going to buy into he’s saying? Some of his tribe members seemed to.

Finally after an hour we got into the first immunity challenge (and they win fire as well) of the season which was a puzzle. The returning players had a very tough time with the physical part of the challenge as the newbies schooled them. Gervase had a really hard time with the physical part of the challenge, slowing down the returning players. Colton once again showed his villainous side as he screamed in another player’s face during the competition. Once the returning players got to the puzzle part of the competition, the newbies fell behind very quickly, losing their lead and the returning players win.

The two women who failed at the puzzle were very nervous that they were going to get voted to Redemption Island, but they don’t know about “The Brigade Part Two” who are planning to take out the four women. So who did they decide to send to Redemption Island? Marissa ended up going and it was mostly because when her uncle won the challenge, Gervase was showboating in their face and it really rubbed them the wrong way.

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