‘Justified’ season 5 spoilers: Meet the murderous Crowe family

The latest -How about some scoop now on “Justified” season 5? It’s been a long time since we’ve talked about what is going on within the world of Graham Yost’s action / drama series, but with production really getting going, now seems like the best time to check in with some people who could end up being the Big Bads of season 5: The Crowe family.

According to TVLine, these people are definitely going to be white trash through and through. They hail from Florida, and are really a family of drug dealers and killers that cover all of that up by owning (you guessed it) a gator farm. Given our longtime stance that gators make everything more entertaining, it will be somewhat interesting to see just how this story is handled, and if they are included.

The patriarch of this crazy family is set to be a man named Dale, who is ruthless but also attractive and very charismatic. He seems like the sort of guy that really could convince people that he runs a gator farm, and then force them to do his bidding when they figure out a little bit more of what he actually does do for a living.

“Justified” will return to FX early next year, and the challenge now at this point in the show’s run is to figure out a way in which to keep things fresh. We enjoyed the approach that the show took last year in not really introducing a token villain, but now that a little bit of time has passed, it feels appropriate now to throw us back into that world.

Do you have any suggestions for an actor to fill this role? Of course, we want to hear your thoughts below! Meanwhile, click here if you want to also take a look at some more scoop on the future of “Justified.”

Photo: FX

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