‘Ink Master’ season 3, episode 10 review: Tatu Baby, Joshua Hibbard face off

Tatu BabyWe are down to the final six contestants on “Ink Master” season 3 and while there are a few left in the competition that have us shaking our heads in wonderment as to how they are still here, there are others that are showing us what makes them true competitors.

Flash challenge: The contestants were brought out to the dump that is Coney Island for what is one of the more squeamish challenges we’ve seen on the show – tattooing eyelids. We think it’s crazy to put a tattoo on your face (just look at Gucci Mane and his ice cream face tattoo disaster), and we were kind of relieved to see that one of the artists felt the same way. Joshua has never done a face tattoo and feels that if he can talk someone out of doing it, he will. Unfortunately his canvas was set on having his eyelids inked and Joshua worked his magic in an attempt to show the judges accuracy. Jime won his first flash challenge and was given the opportunity to choose all of the canvases in the elimination challenge.

Elimination tattoo: Accuracy was still the name of the game for the elimination tattoo as the artists tackled portraits. One of the canvases wanted to get Dave Navarro tattooed on her and Jime took that one, which seemed like a good choice, until he got some bad advice from Joey, telling him to put highlights in the hair where there were none in the photo. Kyle had a pretty tough tattoo which was an older woman with many wrinkles in her face and although he did the best he could, it looked rough.

Judging: After looking at all the tattoos we were sure that Joshua was going to win, but the judges not only said that they didn’t need to deliberate because there was a clear winner, that winner wasn’t Joshua… it was Tatu Baby. Jime, Kyle and Jason were called back in and Kyle was voted the worst by the human canvas jury, but it was Jason that ultimately ended up going home.

Do you think Jason was the right person to go home tonight? If you are looking for more news on “Ink Master” season 3, just be sure to click here where we have rankings, previews and so much more.

Photo: Spike TV

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