‘The Amazing Race Canada’ finale review: Were Tim & Tim, Jody & Cory the season 1 winners?

The Amazing Race CanadaAfter a pretty incredible season, “The Amazing Race Canada” capped things off with a final episode that was certainly hit-or-miss. There were some great challenges, some poor ones, and a little bit of back-and-forth, which is always exciting.

As someone who knows Toronto pretty well, this leg was especially interesting to watch from the standpoint of seeing so much of the city represented. There could be have been more, but it served as a perfect setting since there is so much that can go wrong, including traffic and making sure you know what you are doing.

Before we get to announcing the winner, let’s go through this piece by piece:

The rappel – A good challenge, since it incorporated a little bit of danger along with something that was challenging. Given that all three teams finished at the same time, though, it was hardly something that was a difference-maker.

The chocolate challenge – This was the worst part of this entire episode, mostly because the entire premise was unfair in so many ways. For one, you had Vanessa & Celina at an unfair disadvantage because they wore nail polish, which they surely would not have done had they known this was coming. Then, this was completely random, even if you could be more skilled in opening them. We want our final leg to be entirely skill-based.

Tim & Tim were lucky enough to find it quickly here, while the other remaining teams took far longer.

The Toronto Zoo – While we would say that this challenge was awful / random, it really wasn’t. The zoo was clearly on the show for promotional purposes, and they wanted to highlight their most-recent exhibit: Pandas. The Tims fell far behind here, while Vanessa & Celina did the smartest thing that they have done all leg in keeping their cab driver.

The flag-matching task – After some questionable moves, this is the perfect task near the end since it tests how well the racers were paying attention to what they were doing all season long. If you know Canada well, you have a better shot at it. Clearly, Vanessa & Celina did not know Canada well. As great as they were at the zoo, they were awful here in knowing anything that they needed to know in terms of flowers.

Meanwhile, Tim Sr. got into beast mode, and pulled this out without much hesitation at all. Jody & Cory were not too far behind.

The finish line – We would have hated it had a ferry ride allowed Jody & Cory to catch up, mostly because equalizers at the very end would be infuriating … but it didn’t happen, and Tim & Tim are the official winners of the season.

So how do we feel about them? Given that one of our favorite teams ever in BJ & Tyler were saved twice thanks to non-elimination legs, we can’t really complain about them winning. Outside of these stumbles, they were a pretty strong team who didn’t fight and never quit. We were rooting for the brothers, but they are solid winners with a good story. We were curious as to whether production brought the other teams to the finish line together at that point, knowing that Vanessa & Celina may have been at that roadblock until the end of time.

Overall, what did you think about “The Amazing Race Canada” finale? Be sure to share some of your thoughts below! If you want to read some more news when it comes to the show, just be sure to visit the link here.

Photo: CTV

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