‘Big Brother 15’ review: Unseen footage of Judd kissing Aaryn

The latest -We have been waiting all summer to see who would be the final 3 houseguests battling it out for the grand prize on “Big Brother 15” and now that we are here we have to ask… does anyone really care anymore?

This has been hands down one of the worst casts “Big Brother” has ever offered up with racism, sexism and homophobia running rampant, but they definitely brought the drama, there’s no doubt about that. With Spencer and GinaMarie making racist comments through out the season and Andy becoming more and more unlikable as he bashes evicted houseguests we just don’t have anyone left to root for.

Tonight we saw the exterminators come clean to McCrae before his eviction and Andy admitted to evicting Amanda and framing Elissa. It was probably the best move for Andy at this point as to not embarrass him any further and hope that he won’t be a bitter jury member, but it’s looking like McCrae is thinking of poisoning the jury, so well done Andy.

We were hoping to see more game play on tonight’s episode, but really this was just a recap episode where we got to see some footage that never made it to air, like McCranda’s wedding, Judd and Aaryn making out and GinaMarie’s epic fight with Amanda over… well no one really knows what that was about.

We were mildly amused to hear Andy and GinaMarie pretend like they were appalled by Amanda’s bullying of Elissa, but as soon as Elissa left, Andy, Spencer and GinaMarie were bashing her on the live feeds including Andy saying that he wanted to deface her picture on the memory wall and Spencer claiming that he would do something rather disgusting on the finale if she won the fan favorite.

Who do you think is going to win “Big Brother 15”, Andy, Spencer or GinaMarie? If you are looking for more spoilers, just click here for live feed coverage.

Photo: CBS

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