Fall TV preview: The five worst new shows are…

Super Fun NightTV fans, brace yourselves for a busy few weeks: The new fall season is just about here. This marks an opportunity to get very excited about some shows, disappointed about others, and for chaos to completely overtake your DVR. It’s a time to try new things, and some of them will be good. Unfortunately, there are going to be some duds in there, as well.

This article comes a day after we published our list of some of the best new shows of the season, which included such shows as “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and “The Blacklist.” We’re not publishing the premiere dates of these shows below … mostly because we like to think that we’re sparing you.

The Worst New Shows of the Fall

5. Super Fun Night (ABC) – Let’s start with the obligatory comment that Rebel Wilson is very funny, and she’s done some great work in movies. The problem with the pilot is not her performance; it’s just that everything around her is so cheesy and the whole premise seems better suited for a romantic comedy than an actual series. It’s just not that funny, and we understand why it was in development so long. The only glimmer of hope we are giving it here is that there is potential for it to improve.

4. Star-Crossed (The CW) – It’s technically a midseason show, but we want to give you a jump on this in advance. This show is annoying. It’s basically “The Vampire Diaries,” but with an alien, and you have to think that there is only so many times that you can really pull this off. The same goes for putting actors in their late 20s / early 30s into high school and expect no one to notice.

3. Dads (Fox) – “Dads” is a lame, offensive sitcom with little entertainment value at all, which is a shame because Martin Mull is in it. It’s basically a show for those of you who like the offensive humor of “Family Guy” married with the lame corporate plot points of ABC’s short-lived disaster “Work it.” Plus, did we mention that it’s offensive?

2. Lucky 7 (ABC) – This is a very unlucky season for ABC, who apparently decided that it was okay to just put “Agents of SHIELD” on the schedule and then announce that they were through. This is the age-old story of “winning the lottery and terrible things happen,” but with several ridiculously over-the-top twists. Do yourself a favor and don’t put yourself through this monstrosity. You’re better off playing the lottery and losing every week.

1. Betrayal (ABC) – This feels like a betrayal to human intelligence. It’s basically what happens when you see “Scandal” become a hit, and you want to combine that with “Revenge” and a little “50 Shades of Grey”. (We’re not saying that there is bondage involved, but the show seems to relish in the same sort of fantasy that taboo is somehow appealing.) It’s over-dramatic, boring, and really seems to exist only for ABC to cash in on people with nothing better to do. Just remember: ABC canceled “Pan Am” for “GCB,” “666 Park Avenue,” and now this. This should make you sad.

Are you actually looking forward to any of these shows? Leave us a comment and tell us what you think.


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