‘The Amazing Race Canada’ finale preview: Could we have a stunning end in Toronto?

What happened? -After what has been a very entertaining first season over on CTV, we are set on Monday night to say goodbye to “The Amazing Race Canada.” This is a series that we are going to admittedly very much miss, even with some of the flaws like including the double Express Pass from the U.S. version and starting the second half of a To Be Continued episode with yet another equalizer.

What makes this final leg of the race interesting here is simply that the teams are going to Toronto to close things off, which is somewhat interesting given that for a race all around the country, the show never bothered to actually conduct a leg in the nation’s capital itself in Ottawa. Toronto could also be the city that draws the competition to a dead heat in many ways.

We have not made our disdain for Vanessa & Celina as a team a secret by many means, as it felt like they were bailed out yet again last week by wearing a tight shirt while asking for money. But, they have a huge advantage in that Toronto is a place that they are more than familiar with, and they should be able to handle being in the city infinitely better than the other teams. The only thing that could hinder them is if there are some difficult challenges that negate having a knowledge of the home city.

As for the other two teams, Jody & Cory and Tim & Tim are each strong enough to make up for any advantage that the sisters have, but with the strongest team physically in Jet & Dave surprisingly eliminated last week, we don’t know if either of them has a huge advantage. They are not substantially faster than anyone else, and the real reason that we pick Jody & Cory to win this season is simply because they are focused, and don’t make silly mistakes. They would probably lose to the sisters in a long footrace, but we’re going to bet that they get ahead of them on the challenges. The Tims have just been too inconsistent of a team to really get behind.

Want to read some more “Amazing Race Canada” news? If so, just be sure to head on over to the link here, and we’ll have a full review of the finale tomorrow night.

Photo: CTV

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