‘The X Factor’ USA: Trio Roxxy Montana reportedly granddaughters of Marvin Gaye

Here we go again -Well, isn’t this becoming a trend? For the second time this week, we are writing an article about an act on “The X Factor” USA who has a story that is far more significant than what was originally presented on television, and this time around, it is all about the bloodline more so than any sort of recording history.

According to a report from the Daily Mail, the three sisters who comprise the group Roxxy Montana are actually granddaughters of soul music legend Marvin Gaye, who has been covered on so many of these singing competitions over the years.┬áTenija, Tiara, and Temperance did not mentioned their famous connection on the show Thursday night, but that does not mean that they did it on purpose. As with Lillie McCloud, it was probably hidden from the viewing public for the sake of presenting the best story possible by production, it’s possible this happened here too.

At the end of the day, though, we don’t see these three being in the same sort of situation as Lillie. The show did not conceal from viewers that they had already recorded some successful songs or even recorded the theme song for an edition of the “Got Talent” franchise. Instead, they were just related to someone famous, and who’s to say that they have any of Gaye’s talent? We wish that this was revealed on the show so we could get to know the three better, since even Chris Rene from season 1 had a connection to one of the masterminds behind “Rockin’ Robin.” It just feels weird and shady on the show’s part to make us believe something about an act, and then change it up later when they feel like it. (We’re sure that this backstory will be included if the ladies go far enough.)

What do you think about this revelation, and do you think that it is a big deal? Click here if you want to see the other highlights from Thursday’s show, including a country singer with major Broadway credits to her name.

Photo: Fox

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