‘Under the Dome’ finale spoilers: Natalie Martinez on the hunt for Barbie

What's next? -While some characters on “Under the Dome” (see: Big Jim) really started off this season in a major place of authority, this has been more of a growing process for Linda. While she has always been a presence in the police force, it has taken her a little bit of time to really figure out who she is, and escape some of the naivety that previously hindered her.

Well, based on what the actress behind the role says about the finale coming up, she is going to really be putting these newfound skills to the test in organizing the hunt for Barbie. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter in an interview, here is what Martinez had to say on the subject:

“More and more stories are going to keep crossing, because you don’t know who is telling the truth or what the truth is or what motives people have and what they’re really after. With this manhunt coming up, when it gets to that point of the end, we’re going to start figuring out who’s who and who wants what, and that’s what’s really going to shock us in the next couple episodes.”

While Martinez is (understandably) hesitant to really say just whether or not the Dome is actually going to be going down anytime soon, she did claim that viewers are really going to be in a pretty similar position to the people actually taking part in the show right now. They don’t know where the story for season 2 is going to go, and they are left on the same cliffhanger that we are about to be subjected to.

Do you want to take a look at some more “Under the Dome” scoop? Then just click here to watch a video preview for the episode on Monday, and we will have more scoop as it comes out.

Photo: CBS

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