‘Ink Master’ season 3, episode 10 preview: Tattooing eyelids… ouch!

Can Joey Hamilton win it all? -Now that most of the drama circling the fact that Tatu Baby quit and then was hand held back into the “Ink Master” season 3 competition by the judges has died down somewhat, we can get back to what this competition is really all about: Great tattoos.

After watching the sneak peek for next week’s flash challenge over on Spike TV, we have one thing to say. Ouch! Why would someone want to tattoo their eye lids? We’ve never understood the appeal of getting a tattoo on your face… it’s just ugly for the most part (we are looking at you Gucci Mane and your ice cream cone face tattoo), but why the eyelids? It’ll obviously be painful, but you also have other “ick” factors like that you have a tattoo on your eyelid, or that there’s a needle right by your eyeball.

The contestants went to Coney Island in Brooklyn New York and if you’ve never been let us tell you the place is a dump, oh and if you want to throw out your back for a week, make sure you ride the Cyclone. The Coney Island Freak Show has been around since 1880 and tattoos were a staple, so it makes sense that the venue for this challenge was there. The artists are tested on accuracy and had to tattoo the eyelids of their canvases. Joshua has a problem tattooing faces in general and never does it, so this may be a struggle for him, but really all of the artists are facing this together as newbies since none of them have ever tattooed eyelids before this.

We ranked Joey Hamilton as our number one in our weekly “Ink Master contestant rankings” last week and he said in the preview that Jason, Kyle and Joshua are “low hanging fruit” and that they are not anywhere near the same level as he is. Do you agree with him? Leave us a comment and tell us who you think will win “Ink Master” season 3. Also be sure to check back later this weekend for our new weekly contestant rankings.

Photo: Spike TV

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