‘Big Brother 15’ review: Aaryn apologizes, does Andy deserve to win?

Does he deserve to win? -With McCrae winning the veto on the last episode of “Big Brother 15”, he took  himself off the block and Judd ended up going to jury. Can McCrae run the table and make it to the finals? We can only hope.

The Ginger alliance: Andy’s been playing a great house game, but a terrible jury game with all of his lying and it might be tough for him to win if the jury is bitter (just ask Dan Gheesling). Spencer is a complete floater and can’t win anything, so it makes him the perfect person to take to the end. Will we see the Ginger alliance as the final two? It’s looking pretty likely.

Nominations: Shocker, McCrae’s on the block, along with Spencer as the pawn. McCrae may not realize fully that there is an alliance, but he’s pretty sure there is and has to win the veto or he’s toast.

Jury house: Aaryn may have learned something from her time in the house and as soon as she gets to the jury house she apologizes to everyone for the comments she said. The exterminators alliance is exposed to everyone, and everyone doesn’t seem to have a problem with Andy’s lying in game. Amanda gave Elissa back her wedding rings and said that she felt McCrae made a mistake and that it will cost him his game. If you thought things were going to be all sunshine and rainbows in the jury house be prepared for some drama. Amanda is still fighting with everyone in hopes to secure votes for McCrae, but it’s not really helping especially when people call him a floater.

The last veto of the summer: This veto is the most important one of the season. Andy’s been really been under the radar as a floater all summer, but now that competitions count, he’s winning them all. Not only is he HOH, but he also won the veto and controls nominations. Will this be enough to convince the jury that he deserves to win if he makes it to the final two? Up against Spencer, Andy will definitely win, but GinaMarie has a lot of friends in jury so he might have trouble against her.

McCrae’s final stand: He tries to sell Andy on the idea that taking GinaMarie to the end is a mistake because she got out Amanda and everyone will love her for it and it was the biggest move of the summer, where if he takes McCrae he’s going up against Amanda’s man and no one’s going to vote for him because they will be bitter against her. Of course McCrae is totally right and Andy is a complete idiot if he doesn’t jump on that, but instead the exterminators came clean to him about the alliance and he knows it’s over for him. Andy did not use the veto and GinaMarie who had the only vote and sent him McCrae out of the game.

Do you think Andy is going to win “Big Brother 15”? If you haven’t heard about “Big Brother” being renewed for season 16, you can check out that news here.

Photo: CBS

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