‘Big Brother 15’ review: McCrae fights to stay alive, Judd unravels

The latest -Wednesday’s are usually veto night for everyone watching “Big Brother 15” at home, but tonight’s episode is going to feature the veto and eviction to bring us to the final four on Thursdays episode. So who won the veto and who went to the jury house tonight? Let’s find out.

Veto: Ian Terry (winner of “Big Brother 14”) hosted the comic inspired competition, who was really a great choice. Judd gave up during the competition and started helping Andy, leaving Spencer completely pissed off and GinaMarie hurt her knee during the competition and needed stitches. With Andy and Spencer being kind of useless in competitions, GinaMarie being injured and Judd being exhausted from the drill sergeant, this was an easy win for McCrae. Can he run the table and win every competition until the end? It’s very possible, but maybe we are just wishful thinking at this point since he is the underdog and we always want to root for the underdog. Spencer tells Judd that he’s going up as a replacement and that GinaMarie will be the one sent out, but is that true?

The Exterminators cannibalize each other: Spencer is super mad that Judd quit in the middle of the veto competition and
he’s definitely going up. He’s promised GinaMarie that she’s not going to jury and Judd is melting down because he knows he’s going jury for a second time. The angrier her gets, kicking and throwing things around, the bigger target he’s putting on his back. What was even crazier was Judd’s speech during the veto ceremony calling out McCrae and making an enemy with him. On the live feeds it was revealed that McCrae and Judd set this up so that if they can get Judd to stay, no one will know that they are working together…. are they working together?

Eviction: Judd was sent to jury house and it’s probably a bad decision considering that Judd is the exterminators best shot at stopping McCrae from running the table and winning the money. As he left the house he told McCrae that he left something in his bible for him. Did Judd out the exterminators to McCrae? Nope, just an uplifting message to help lift his spirits.

New HOH: So who is guaranteed a spot in the finale three? Andy is the new HOH and McCrae is in serious trouble unless he wins the final veto of the summer.

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Photo: CBS

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